About Tracey Nguyen

About Tracey Nguyen

Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Holistic Masters-Prepared Registered Nurse

Tracey Nguyen is a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor and Holistic Masters-Prepared Registered Nurse; Certified in Gestalt Methodology and Applied Mindfulness Meditation, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki & Yoga.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Trent University and her Master's Degree in Nursing from Ryerson University in Toronto. Her research and specialty focus was in the relationship between mental health and chronic illness; and therapeutic communication.

Tracey is certified in Applied Mindfulness Meditation at the University of Toronto and Gestalt Methodology from the Gestalt Institute in Toronto to treat mind-body-soul ailments and psychosomatic disorders. She has also studied several body-based healing arts such as breathwork, body trauma work, and somatic movement therapy.


From Tracey’s lived experience of struggling through years of chronic autoimmune and bowel syndromes, poetry and spiritual faith continue to heal her in the recovery from addictions, dependencies, and chronic illness; while testing several healing modalities, she lives, breathes, and believes that our bodies speak the words and hold the wisdom to healing our lives if we allow it.

Tracey believes that poetry and other forms of expressive art are applicable and creative forms of applied neurosciences and mindfulness. We are expressions of life, and to hold that in our bodies, without integrating our full range of emotion and fully experiencing it as human beings in our life’s expression will cause our own defeat. Our resilience comes from not staying strong but by being fully human and living through our hearts.

Tracey offers client individualized treatment using body-based, intuitive, and evidence-based practices that support the mind-body connection and having our heart and body’s wisdom guide us back to health and well being.

Her specialty focuses on healing the root cause of stubborn chronic illnesses (autoimmune candida, leaky gut, IBS, eczema) caused by a long-term complex post-trauma stress disorder (C-PTSD) from a history of dysfunctional family and relationship patterns, that can result in love addiction, romance & fantasy addiction, food addiction, co-addiction, codependency, enmeshment trauma, and domestic violence.

Tracey has provided therapy to men and women from all over the world (Canada, US, UK, India, and Europe) between the ages of 13-55, with issues ranging from anxiety, depression, skin and bowel disorders, body pains, addictions, and dependencies. Tracey has hosted her own community mental health workshops, was a holistic health speaker on TV, designed and taught curriculums at colleges.

Tracey’s therapeutic style can be described as bold, raw, truthful, approachable, humorous, and client-centered. She embraces a holistic approach to help her clients heal through supporting them to feel safe to express and be who they are in lifestyle and relationships. Tracey has intuitive healing gifts that can help clients see their disowned parts and accelerate the healing process.

Besides the capacity to intuitively assess, treat and support, her main focus is for the client to free themselves from within, and transition from unhealthy relationship patterns to feeling safe and living a more authentic inspired life.

Prior to her purpose of poetry, therapy, and counseling, she worked as a nurse in the community, hospice, clinics, and hospital. Her journey towards individual sovereignty was not found in western medicine but through poetry and mindfulness.

Feel Safe and Fully Expressed Anywhere You Are

Get into comfortable clothes and be in the comfort of your home. Clients will receive an initial holistic assessment with co-created individualized plans and intentions for effective holistic healing.