Recommended Readings

Recommended Readings

The No Steps 0 Checklist Food Protocol To Heal Eczema, Candida Overgrowth & Gut Syndromes: Eat What You Feel Like?! (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

This Food Protocol is different. It's about healing who you are in your relationship with food to heal chronic illness. It's not about control, rigidity or strict regimens. "More important than what you eat, it is the way you eat."

The Soul’s Prescription for the Body: The Emergency Care Kit Protocol To Heal Eczema, Candida Overgrowth & Gut Syndromes: BONUS: INTRODUCTORY HOLISTIC PROTOCOL

  • Emergency Care Kit Protocol: Simple steps with personal care, controlling environmental factors and nutrition to alleviate painful itchy eczema skin
  • Chapter 1 - How to Use this Introductory Protocol: The purpose of this protocol is to provide an overview, step-by-step guide and linkage on how to use the other available guides and protocols for deep body healing and restoration.
  • Chapter 2 - Eczema Relation to the Immune System in the Heart and Gut: How chronic eczema is linked with candida overgrowth, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Chapter 3 - The Immune System Relation to Anxiety and Control-related Stress: How gut issues are linked to anxiety and control-related trauma
  • Chapter 4 - Introductory Holistic Protocol: An introduction to the holistic protocol of how to heal gut related syndromes

Holy Broken Art: Soul Body Healing Poetry

Holy Broken Art is my creative expression. I'm a nurse but more so I'm a healing artist in my heart.

I have exhausted the countless options in trying western medicine and holistic approaches to healing my various physical and mental health issues. I had suffered from bowel syndromes, autoimmune disorders, skin problems, anxiety, depression, codependency, love addiction, and borderline personality disorder traits and symptoms. Nutrition, relaxation, and psychotherapeutic approaches were not enough to solve my problems. Eventually, I had to face the one thing I didn't want to - my resistance to my own emotions and deep-seated emotional stress within my body.

As I have let go and healed my life, I have given birth to Holy Broken Art. It is about the holy journey of feeling broken and continuously breaking open into the art of Love.


The related-books and protocols for your emotional healing journey. It is from the collection, The Soul’s Prescription for the Body, the solution to full recovery from chronic gut and psychosomatic disorders.

Irritable Bowel & Leaky Gut Syndrome Allow Healing: Introductory Deprogram Guidebook (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

The original guidebook IBS Allow Healing with the technique and uncensored truth that healed Tracey herself. (Excerpt from Leaky Gut Allow Healing, with a simple step process on how to emotionally heal leaky gut from the inside out) included.

The IBS Shopping List: Gut Protocol: AN EASY PEASY GUIDE SO YOU'RE NOT LOST IN WHAT THE HECK TO BUY (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

For people who love to eat yet have some food restrictions (only for now), The Shopping list Gut Protocol has tons of food and spice ideas that are deliciously gluten, dairy, and sugar-free. An easy peasy guide, so you’re not lost in what the heck to buy - Clear up your confusion, enjoy food, and begin to learn how to trust your body.

The Music: How Sound Can Heal the Heart & Gut (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

Sound can heal the body as music is a language of empathy understood by the soul who lives in the body.

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GIVE UP THE FIGHT (G.U.T.F) Framework to Heal the Body (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

G.U.T.F is a playful and easy to understand framework with emotional characters to facilitate the 1 technique that heals it all, soul, body, and mind.

Heal Anxiety to Heal Your Gut: Introductory Allow Yourself to Heal Anxiety Deprogram Guidebook (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

Understand the roots of anxiety to Allow Yourself to Heal Anxiety to Heal Your Gut. Learn the simply timeless technique to heal anxiety stored deep within your gut psyche.

Self Awareness & Emotional Psychology “Healing Gut Syndromes”: “A journey within to heal your gut” (The Soul’s Prescription for the Body)

Dig deeper into yourself to open up to Self Awareness and Emotional Psychology of Gut Syndromes - explore the body psyche to begin healing the trauma roots to your illness.

The Gut Feeling Reflective Journal Exercises: “The Body Mindful Way of Healing Your Gut Feeling” (The Soul's Prescription for Your Body)

The Gut Feeling Reflective Journal Exercises introduces a body mindful process of getting in tune with the body and facilitating the technique of emotional healing to heal the body.

The Candida & Leaky Gut Syndrome 4 Week Cleanse Protocol: + Gut Nourishment Guide (The Soul's Prescription for the Body)

Follow a Traditional Chinese 4 Week Cleanse Protocol for Candida overgrowth, how to manage die-off reaction, simple nutritional guideline and the best bone broth recipe you'll ever find.