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  • The Empath with Complex PTSD Struggle is Real

    Why is it so much more of a struggle to be an empath? Along with having C-PTSD and chronic illness makes it all that much harder. Also, why on earth are you even experiencing this? It’s because you’re a super feeler. You’re in touch with your emotions or you’re a really emotional person and things just trigger you like crazy. You may feel very negative all the time and then you’re experiencing triggers everywhere.

    As well, you also are struggling with these health issues and it is because you’ve gone through years and years of feeling unsafe; so unsafe to the point that you have grown emotional antennas to become hypersensitive to your environment so that you can become aware of the dangers or the unsafe people in your surroundings. It’s a protective mechanism but sometimes the antennas become so sensitive and large that even normal “triggers” or movements in your day cause the nervous system and body to react.

    Dr. Bessel van der Kolk explains these concepts really well in a book called the “body keeps score” and when I read that book, I related it to myself and it really made sense. He discussed war veterans, war trauma and how his dad was affected and passed it on.

    My parents endured the war and it was tough. I went through a lot of healing of intergenerational trauma; so it’s not just about healing your childhood but it’s about healing what’s happened with your grandparents, or what’s happened in the ancestral lineage that’s been passed through us that we carry in our cell memory and DNA.

    When we’re very empathic, we’re in tune and we’re awake to this intergenerational trauma. It’s a spiritual journey to really overcome all of this and to pay attention to all these emotions; as well as to know and to own that we are on a spiritual journey.

    If you’re empathic, and you feel this, you have been called to heal and you’ve been called to work through the shadows and the darkness of your past of your lineage for your family. You are called to rise above that and to bring forth peace and bring forth the light and to bring forth compassion to your world. You’ve been awakened because you have been in some ways chosen; chosen to heal, chosen to do this light work and chosen to do this healing work for the world.

    During this time, it is important to have your own practice and to really commit to your own space and to protect your space as much as possible; to stay in tune and spend time with yourself so that you can be in touch with your emotions.

    Please dabble in as much joy as possible and do the things that feel easier for you and to trust that there is a larger power within you, guiding you and taking care of you; even if it’s so scary – there is a force taking care of you and you will be okay.