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  • The Missing Link with Positive Affirmations in Healing Your Body

    Heal Your Thoughts, Heal Your Life, Am I Right?!

    The first book I read when I started healing my body, specifically, healing from severe eczema, leaky gut and candida was “You can heal your life” by Louise Hay.

    I believed in this metaphysical teaching so much that I started to do the positive affirmations and looked at the root cause of the candida which is “a scattered mind.” Heal your thoughts, heal your life, am I right?!

    I started saying things like “I approve of myself” and “I accept myself” but little did I know that this was causing me harm because it’s denying how I really felt. It was dissociating from my body and true emotions due to trauma.

    The Downside About Positive Affirmations

    So if you have tried doing positive affirmations and it’s not working; well it’s because there are steps missing. Louise Hay provides a great start to helping us understand the root cause, but her books lack to highlight some important steps. Yes, candida and related health issues is a scattered mind and the solution to this is to approve of yourself. Seems simple enough to the mind, but when we have a lot of dissociation from the body, and are not aware of the dormant traumas, positive affirmations can keep us further away from the truth.

    Before we get to approving of ourselves, there is all this stuff in between and this stuff is the emotional baggage. If you watch closely in her videos and interviews, she talks briefly, a little too briefly about dealing with the toxic emotional baggage.

    You can combine positive affirmations with the emotional work. This is the metaphysical healing of chronic conditions. The most important thing is that when you do resolve and integrate the negative emotions over and over, you end up accepting yourself anyways, because you accept the moment or experience of how you feel moment to moment.

    Where the Problem Lies

    This scattered mind in fact, comes from the foundation of how you operate, which comes from the family conditioning and background you came from. Many of us have experienced emotional dysfunction in our families, which are normalized in our culture. This scattered feeling, why you’re feeling confused and anxious is because there were a lot of harmful and painful experiences that you have gone through to dissociate from it.

    You have coped by splitting yourself from the experience and your body. Generally there was a control dynamic and narcissistic abuse happening; therefore your emotions and physicality don’t feel safe. Keyword here, you do not feel safe. Therefore your nervous system is on constant fight and flight. You’re constantly operating on this mode of feeling unsafe.

    The Way To Begin: Emotional Healing

    To heal the scattered mind and to approve deeply of yourself, it’s about getting in touch with yourself, within your body. There are so many layers to this emotional healing and the tricky part is the un-doing and unlearning of so many years of conditioning. However, you do this by surrendering to the experience, from moment to moment.

    This patterning of dysfunction is covert and normalized so it gets tricky because we can’t see it so easily. It’s important to become aware and awake to these patterns so you can begin to resolve it. The greatest barrier is the shadows we cannot see ourselves; the blindspots to healing are what I call it.

    I hope this gives more insight into the metaphysical healing of your health journey.



    The Missing Link with Positive Affirmations in Healing Your Body